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Monday, September 10, 2012

"Construction Site"

There is still some time left here, along the coast of California, to play in the sand.  In fact, at little beach towns like Capitola which is near Santa Cruz, you can see this kind of scene way into the end of October sometimes.  There is a really nice Indian Summer before Fall really sets in.  I am working on a commission, two of them and at the same time painting for the shops/galleries that sell my paintings.  Debbie Hoey who owns the barn at Hoey Ranch asked me to paint a series of pumpkin paintings.  I just love it when I get asked to do something I would have done anyway!  Makes my job really easy.  I LOVE the fall season and everything it brings.  The colors, the shapes, the subjects.  I have been waiting all year to paint pumpkins again : D

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