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Friday, August 31, 2012

Drama Queens and Morning Glories

"Drama Queens and Morning Glories"

A very nice lady phoned me other day she was interested in some of my paintings.  She wanted some of my sunflower paintings on my website that had not been marked sold, but were.  That's not good, I am trying to set aside a day soon so I can re-vamp my website.  She did inspire me to paint some more sunflowers and also to paint larger.  This still isn't a large painting,  it's 12" x 4", but it's large compared to my mini paintings.  I do have some blank, larger canvas that I had made by Pacific Coast Canvas, in my studio.  I decided to split my painting day so that I can paint my mini's to keep up with my daily painting and the other half I will be working on some larger pieces.  I like being inspired : D

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hey Bud

"Hey Bud"

This is one of my watercolors.  Since I have started doing art shows, I have painted less of them since they require a mat, glass and frame.  Canvas paintings don't need any of those things, so they are much easier to pack and take to shows. However watercolors have a luminous quality that cannot be achieved with any other medium and so I will be offering them in a mat and acid-free art bag.  That way I can still paint in this awesome medium and leave the framing part to the buyer ; D

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sun-Kissed Cherry Tomatoes

"Sun-Kissed Cherry Tomatoes"

These little cherry tomatoes, called "Sun-Kissed" are growing in my front yard.  They explode in my mouth with a sweet flavor that can't be beat.  Especially when they are picked on an early, warm morning.  I have a hard time filling a container with them as I eat them right when I pick them. Delicious : D