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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Carpet Pad

"Carpet Pad"

Avery well cared for pet! Cozy,warm and happy in his pad. 
 Last year I vowed not to take any more commissions.  I tend to stress out over what people expect and what I paint.  I never have had a bad experience in my over 20 years of doing them, so why I feel that way, I don't know.  I always want my clients to be 100% happy with their art purchase and if they buy something already painted I am pretty sure their happy.  The commissions I did this year were all awesome moments and they all had special meaning, so I'm glad I forgot what I vowed and took them on. 
I painted both of the photos given to me for this guy and my client picked the other one, so he is up for grabs ; D