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Friday, October 5, 2012

Go To The Light

"The Light In The Dark Room"

This is a room in the Filoli mansion in Woodside, Calif.  You can tour the gardens and the mansion.  It was where the tv show Dynasty was filmed.  It's very beautifully preserved.  I love how this room was so dark, the light was on in the day. It was fun to paint

Fresh Is Best


It's good to know people who have chickens and wonderful gardens right! This bounty was shared with us this summer.  It looked so beautiful, right out of the chickens, right out of the garden, snuggled in the hay.  That's as fresh as it gets ; )

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bin There

"Bin There"

I have painted on linen twice, this is the second painting.  I think I am in love with it!  It has this wonderful texture and I love the feel of the brush on it. I kind of had to push the first layer on, but once I got that down  I could paint layer on top of layer and the colors kept getting richer and richer.  I think I will stock up on this surface, it's fun to try something new ; D.

Monday, October 1, 2012

"On The Outside Looking In"

This watercolor is one of my favorites.  I won a "Best of Show" ribbon for it and it was judged by the curator of the Santa Cruz museum of art.  Even if it had not won a prize, I just love how it came out.  It was painted quickly, and seemed to just fall off my brush, not sure I can really even take credit for it! There are a few paintings like that, this is the best one.