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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Art Values, Values Art

"Art Values, Values Art"

I wish this photo was better.  I am without my camera right now as it is being repaired.  I am taking photos with my iPad, which is cool, but this photo came out a lot darker than in person. I really like this painting, because I had fun painting it. and it's a challenge to paint art.  I payed attention to the values in the paintings and Mike, my husband, truly values art. So that's the title.  Mike supports my art career,  in fact, if it weren't for him I probably wouldn't have one.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wild Pets

"Bringing Home the Bacon"

There are always tons of differant types of birds in our backyard.  We supply them with running water, lots of native plants and plenty of seed. Our payback is getting to watch them and having them around. This Robin made a nest with her mate in our rose bush, right in front of the window to our backyard. We watched the whole process of them and their brood.  She was one good mama, I'll tell ya.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Big Fatties

"Big Fatties"

These are thigh builders. They look so good and it takes a few minutes for them to disappear from the pink box.  It can take years or maybe never, to disappear from your thighs.

I am really trying to get back into my groove, except everywhere I look in my house there is a mountainous chore for me to handle.   I am trying to whittle them down little by little. I think if I could just get the big stuff out of my way I could get back to my normal schedule of painting. When it comes to housework and bills, I procrastinate.  When it comes to painting I am ready to go. If the universe is listening...I need a housekeeper!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Still Horsing Around!

"Vintage Sixties Gals"

I had lunch with a very special lady today and well just goofed-off, like I'm on vacation. Oh, yeah, I am on vacation!  It's hard to take one when you are a happy artist.  Everyday at work is cool, so a vacation is weird.  I do need one though. This year has been fast-paced so it's great to get a slow down and just chill. This is a re-run painting, but I kinda like it and it's a girlfriend painting and I had a girlfriend day!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Horsing Around

"Dreaming Big"

I have been having dreams lately about painting big.  The majority of my paintings are miniature sized, which I love because I love finishing the work in one painting session.  I have some medium and large sized blank canvas waiting for me.  For the rest of this week though  I am just horsing around and having fun.  I put a lot of miles on my brushes this year and I really need a break. Fun little paintings that have been rolling around in my head, I need to let them out!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Only Willing Model in the House

"The Only Willing Model...Me"

The day was very grey, very rainy, very cold,  I had to paint! I decided to try painting a self-portrait just for fun.  I needed to play, especially after all the Christmas commissions I had done.  I decided it would be just for me and I wouldn't post it, that way I could feel loose and free.  Mike, my husband, said he really liked it and urged me to post it.  I trust him the most of anyone, he is kind but always tells me truthfully what he thinks about my work. So, here it is : )

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mike at the Cantor

"Mike at the Cantor"

I thought long and hard about joining the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge with Leslie Saeta  and her  Artists helping Artists blog.  I already do try and paint daily, but I thought January would be a good month to give myself a break.  I have been doing one or more project after the other since last year and I think I need to let up just a bit.  I don't want to feel like a hamster in a wheel. So today I played.  
This isn't the painting that came out but it really felt great to paint and not worry about posting it.  It was a self-portrait and my husband loved it so I think I will live with it awhile and then decide if I want to share.  For today, this is Mike.  The love of my life and the best person in the world to visit a museum with.  He loves to look at art,  he his a great supporter of the arts...I love him.