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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A great big thank you to my crew, Mike (not pictured), Kylie and Emily I couldn't have done this show without them!!

Different strokes challenge, painting upside down...

I wanted to make sure to complete this weeks challenge. Since I have only missed one. I didn't really miss it, it's in my sketch book, but I didn't get it e-mailed in time. Karin asked that we paint this upside down. Which is a great exercise. It forces you to just paint shapes, not what you think you see, but what you do see.

I sold the three handbag painting from last weeks challenge at my show! It was really cool that some of my family from Santa Rosa got to come and my mom and dad, aunt, my good friends. Seeing them was icing on the cake...Life is good.

my venture outside my artroom...

The past two weekends have been really good for my art spirit. I was at Leedo Gallery in Gilroy on Sunday Nov. 9th and that was lots of fun! I had my very first outdoor booth at the Clo La Chance winery art and wine festival in Gilroy. WOW, that was way fun!!! I met lots of people and got only postive comments on my work, as well as sales! I am so happy that even in this scary economy people are still wanting to enjoy and own art. I sold a lot of my little mini paintings which I love to paint. I really enjoy going back and forth between painting really small and then big. I like painting with different mediums, watercolor and water-soluble oils and acrylics. It's like being able to play two instruments. Thanks to all of the people who bought paintings I hope you enjoy owning them. I have posted pictures of both events and pictures of my booth and some of my mini paintings.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Different Strokes Challenge - People and shadows

I almost didn't make the challenge this week. I am crazier than usual trying to prepare for my first outdoor art show this weekend. I have lots of mini original paintings to sell and my watercolors. I am busy making my greeting cards. I hope to post some of the art I will be selling at this show, next week. I also will not be listening to any of the news media regarding the economy being in the stinker! Hopefully people will still want to enjoy and own original art. Postive thoughts only. I am glad I finished Karin's challenge, I am trying not to miss any of them, they are very positive!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Different Srokes Challenge - Washington DC

With Karin's challenges I am painting subjects I would not otherwise tackle. I also have to paint them faster than I normaly would and I can't fuss with them as much, both good things.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Different strokes challenge

I was happy to see this face for the challenge this week, she's way more serene then the stock market guys! Karin's challenges are really fun.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Karin Jurick has started a new blog, Different strokes for different folks, she posts a new photo each week and then posts all the different versions sent to her by her fellow's so much fun! I don't know how she has the time to do all she does and still find time to paint her masterpieces, she is an awsome painter. These are my contributions.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Time for a Wok

I love painting simple everyday things, I think there is so much beauty in the shapes and colors of veggies for example.

Sneak Preview

Sunflowers are the the painting subject, I never get tired of painting them or looking at them.

Gilroy's Sentinals

This painting won the city purchase award, which means the city of Gilroy, Ca. purchased it for their collection at the annual art show. My dad saw it on my easal, and suggested I enter it, glad I took his suggestion!

Kylie on the rocks

This is my girl Kylie, on the rocks in Yosemite. She shows up in a lot of my work, especially my sketch books.

love fall

This is an acrylic painting, I wanted to add it this new blog, since it's fall, and fall happens to be my favorite season.

Gilroy's Gem

Another painting of beautiful Goldsmith's Seed company, this painting has been sold.

2nd place winner 2008

This year I won second place for the Garlic festival poster contest, not as exciting as first, but still cool!

2006 Gilroy Garlic Festival poster

I was really excited to win first place in 2006 for the Gilroy Garlic Festival poster contest. The Garlic Festival is a huge event in my town of Gilroy.

Don't hate me cause I'm beautiful

That's the attitude this rooster seemed to have, they roam freely in San Juan Bautista, Calif.

hopefully for the Goldsmith's lobby

This is a recent painting that I hope the Goldsmith's will like, I plan on painting more of this beautiful place.