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Friday, August 23, 2013

Purple Face, Sore Body!

"Purple Face"

I am on vacation for the month of August.  Not traveling anywhere, but I am stepping off the art train for a bit to catch my breath and get energized for the fall and winter season of shows.  

"Kyle's Senior Parking Space"

I helped my daughter paint her senior parking space at Christopher High.  Down on the ground, bending and kneeling all day, I am sooooo sore! It was worth it though, loved spending the time with her and making art in an unusual space.  She wanted a vintage pattern because, she loves vintage things.  We made it say Robinson and painted it in the McCalls font.  The number is her birthday and you can't read it in this photo, but it is the "Diva Edition".  She also loves music, singing and theatre. Kyle, my daughter also designed and painted two other spaces for her art challenged friends.  I am amazed at how fearless she is when it comes to art or anything really.  I am a very proud mom.

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