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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back to the Drawing Board

"Time To Eat"

I haven't written on my blog since my computer decided to crash and burn right in the middle of my busiest time of the year!  I had back to back shows and I was trying to keep up with my inventory and she decided she wanted to pass on to computer heaven.  We had kind of expected it since sometimes she decided, usually when we were in the middle of something, to just turn black and go away. Long story short, we decided to go from having a PC for many years to buying an Apple.  We still don't have all of our files moved over and Apple and Verizon have not helped us figure out why we can't receive e-mail.  I also have not posted any new art on for about 2 and 1/2 weeks and it's been making me a little crazy.  Especially since I have new art to post!  Well I  finally got the resizeit app and can make my photos small enough to post.  I think I will be taking classes at the Apple store soon so I can learn all I need to know to keep my art biz going!  I had two really great shows in a row and sold many paintings.  it's been a great year.

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