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Friday, July 6, 2012

LOVE my Paint On easel!

"Work in Progress"

I LOVE my new easel I purchased from Karin Jurick, her partner Brett makes them.  I am in furious painting mode and it has made painting more comfortable.  It cannot slip back! That's what I always hated about my other table easel, I'd be really into it and we'd both, easel and artist, start to slide down. 

I am painting for the Gilroy Garlic Festival in two ways, one is I am painting the paintings they will be using as gifts, These are some I have finished.
Gift paintings for the Gilroy Garlic Festival

The other is I am painting for my own booth, which I love to do.  I get to paint many of the subjects that I have been yearning to paint.   When I think back a few weeks ago what it was like to paint the traffic box murals outside, in the heat, wind, cars, bugs, I appreciate my little studio even more.  On top of that, this new easel has increased my comfort level  and I can paint longer ; D

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