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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Construction Site

These boys are so busy! I think I know how they feel, enjoying your work but having lots of it to do. I am down to my last two commissions..for, I won't say forever, but it would have to be special. I have been painting for hire about twenty years now and have many commissions under my belt. I really feel it's time to paint the subjects that excite me. I have enjoyed painting for others, the people, pets, places, cars, trains and boats but there is always the pressure of... is this what they really want? I have never had a bad experience thankfully, and so I feel it's a good time to stop. I do have some major commitments to paint, two traffic boxes for the city and another project for the Gilroy Garlic Festival again, but they are giving me the freedom to paint my own designs, so it seems like that's a win-win. After these projects, I am looking forward to painting for my DPW site, my galleries and shows, can't wait!!!!

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